Translation & Localisation Services


I offer:
Written translations from Spanish or Portuguese into UK or US English
Localisation of content between UK and US English
Proofreading of documents to ensure they are gramatically accurate and stylistically cohesive

Feedback from clients can be found here.

In addition to offering general translation services, I specialise in the following fields:

Library & information science, social sciences & psychology: academic publications, reports, policies, presentations, industry publications, websites, newspaper & magazine articles

Tourism, travel & culture: pamphlets, brochures, flyers, websites, location guides, signage, catalogues, event guides, articles

Marketing & market research: brochures, leaflets, advertisements, press releases, presentations, websites, metadata, reports, presentations, surveys

Other fields of interest include infant feeding/care, education, food & drink, fashion, cosmetics, cinema/TV and general IT/software

Prices depend on content, length and required turnaround. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and receive an obligation-free quote.